2D landscaping

The starting point for this research was the medium of games. I started out in Unity to create a landscape. I really liked the way the water in standardAssets is animated. Water is something so natural that moves in a very specific way, so to animate it realistically can quickly make it uncanny valley-like.

This water resembles a thick goo.

This is the same asset but up close.

I like the way the reflections move to the water very gently.

I pressed the water together to make it look like it was coming out of a water tap.

For week 2 of this process I added in a third person character with the water, to see how this would change the perspective of the water. I like how the plane that the character walks on seems 2D while the water looks 3D, this creates a nice effect together.

I also made a Unity file where I put a landscape image on a cilinder, so it seems 3D when you walk around it. All I have left of it is this Unity file:

That's as far as this project has progressed, since we moved on to the theme weeks.