3 Resistance works


  1. The refusal to accept or comply with something
  2. The ability to not be affected by something
  3. The impeding or stopping effect excepted by one material thing on another
  4. The degree to which a substance or device opposes the passage of an electric current

Forms of Resistance:-

  1. As opposing force of social political systems 2. Physical resistance
  2. Evoking resistance with the audience
  3. Resistance against interpretation

Abbie Hoffman

  1. 60’s Counter Culture Revolution

Hoffman was a proactive and paradoxical leader of counter culture

Proactive = creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after
it happened

Paradoxical = seemingly absurd or self-contradictory

Group of Hippies led by Hoffman went to New York Stock Exchange and from the viewing gallery showered the hall below with one and five dollar bills; this was to show the greed of Wall Street and questionable morals of capitalism

giving flowers to the armed forces during the protest against Vietnam War

Festival of Life - a demonstration with music to promise peace; turned into violence by the police

Hoffman and six others charged with conspiracy to incite a riot

The defendants used theatrics in the courtroom to challenge the legitimacy of the charge

Accused Julius Hoffman (The Judge) to be Abbie’s father

Two other people wore judicial robes and showed up to the courtroom

Marina Abramovich

Rosa Menkman