a parallel world

-The Sims, you can improve their lives, distroy it or make them do one minute sculptures.

Working on the theme resistance i found the work of Erwin Wurm. I have been trying to hack the Sims 1 game for a while now and I am at the point of giving the Sims my custom made animations. It's time for them to do a one minute sculpture. They can follow my instructions and realise an art piece in their own world.

"The one minute sculptures are very much dealing with embarrassment, ridiculousness, accepting psychological parts. I am interested in these marginal attitudes of a specific person." - Erwin Wurm.

This text from Erwin Wurm is inspiring to me because we all use our Sims to do embarrassing and ridiculous things with. And also to play a psychological game with. We kill them or let them have sex while watching without feeling embarrasst about it. I think thats interesting.