Welcome all to my schouw post.

In this post I included all my work from the last couple of months, the first weeks of the second semester and during the COVID-19 quarantine.

It feels like I entered a vacuum, where everything goes slowly. A place where there is a lot of resistance. Communication with other students and teachers became completely different than it used to be before. In the beginning I found it hard to find motivation, it was a weird and unreal situation to be thrown into.

There were two sides to the metaphorical coin. The 'lockdown months' were a time to reflect and to think about things I wanted to work on. Next to all the difficulties there were some genuine positive aspects to it all.

As a consequence of working online most of the time I started to reflect on principles of the physical world I was so used to before this situation.
How we communicate for example; the switch to zoom/video call with eachoter went quite smoothly but at the same time it also gave a strange sensation of disconnect.  Seeing everybody's rooms in the background of their tiny screens felt cozy, but in a way it also felt like intruding on people's privacy. It's a strange thing to invite everyone you communicate with to a slice of your own room. That's not something that happens naturally in the real world, but since we all live in a digital world now, you can visit me in my room here in virtual form.  

During the project month, a few weeks before the lockdwon started, Jippe, Jonas and I made the CRYPTOSAUNA. A work I'm truly proud of.
Another work I was working on in Daniel's class was 'BLUE', a reasearch into the photographic printing process known as cyanotype. At the end of my research I aimed to make a book out of it, but the assignment screeched to a halt.
Another work I was working on just before the lockdown was my 'MAZE'. A piece made for Jan Robert's class. I dived into Unity and wanted to explore this program even further.

One of my first works during the quarantine was the postcard I made for Daan's class (tests, more tests).

In the first week of quaretine I also made a road-trip in SecondLife, where I was exploring a virtual 'second life' while we where working on the expo for Bram's assignment that week.

I want to highlight these 6 works I made during the quarantine:


FOR OUR BEES is a work that I made whitin the theme activism. I wanted to do something for the bees, so I planted flowers in different places in Arnhem. Using photogrammetry I captured this action and put it into a virtual world for the bees. The flowers you see in this world are in UV light, because thats how bees see. I want to work on this world more, making the flowers more visible and putting them on different 3D objects.

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I am not able to come close to people or feel their presence.

My skin is my boundary and the sensor to connect, it's the literal resistance between me and the world. A new virus seeps in through my skin. The virus of loneliness. In my work “Flesh” these weeks I focussed on this fact. I made an environment with flesh looking objects with images of my skin.

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In the real world every material has a different value, but in virtual worlds it doesn't. They're all the same, the only difference is that they have different textures.

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Feel free to call: 06-16720250, 06-51228146, 06-82545922, 06-82551415

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Together with Marieke I made this podcast for Sound Design (class of Natalia)

We have transformed colors commonly found in a supermarket into sounds. Each sound represents a different color.

You can listen to the podcast: https://podcast.designarttechnology.nl

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With All These Words, Are You Here?

Together with Yang, Marieke, Kseniia and I made an expo for the Festival opening on retitle.me.

We focussed on text that comes with the work of artists. Text is a part of an artwork. We have two elements, the world that you always can enter, and can have a look at the different workt that is 'hanging' there, and a live performance in a google document, only text based.

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Projects that I also want to show are the following two works. These are not completly finished yet. I'm still working on the 3D objects for the exhibition space, with all the sculptures based on all the soundscapes everyone made during the quarantine.
I am still busy with editing the video of the sheep.


Every week I made a new soundscape based on the theme. Based on the soundscapes, I made sculptures for them wich you can visit in a virtual environment.

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A large group of them together. They could still be together. Close together they were enjoying the sun. The hot and humid weather made them cough and wheeze. Their lives were still the same, meanwhile mine changed so drastically in such a short time.

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If you want to read more, click here for my essay I wrote during quarantine.

Enjoy the rest of the works, and I hope to see you all at the beginning of next school year!