In the very beginning, I absorb meaning of activism simply like this: RIDE OR DIE. Human behavior above all else, is driven by the power of motive from the inside. As one of Freud's early assumptions, he described this drive as like this. "Drive is a concept of the border between the mind and the body, and it's a representation of the stimulus that starts from the inside of the organism and reach the mind. It is something that comes out of the body and requires the mind to act. Because drive is connected to the body". Freud came up with three distinct instincts that resided in the mind: aggression, libido, and the ego instinct. Aggression, to protect yourself and family from enemy, make a grade in their community and trained themselves to reach the goal such as sports for humans, or survive in their wild environment for animals to live longer and breeding to keep their family longer.  And lidos or eros, it exists in all positive aspects of human relationships and acts as a positive element to start the most human activities. So in this sense, libido is usually considered an "energy" with sexual goals.

Before quarantine started, I used to go out at weekend, if party manager booked interesting artists for their party, I was usually there. Mostly Amsterdam, sometimes in Berlin. And also in Arnhem of course when Syntax throw a party.

I loved to being there, first of all, good dj always bring good set, that's already big learning for my production and entertaining my ears, also it's great to see friends in same community and meet new people. Besides that which attract me is dancers, people who are dancing on the same music, without any talks. They are dancing in their own way, own movement. Even the venue is so dark that you can barely see people's face, but you can still see their dance movement. Sharing positive energy and loving each other with dance and music is pure spiritual human acts. That is the main idea to bring these emotions and translated on my project.


So I followed my gut feeling, made a fast and intense groovy tune, interpret instinctual drives as a soundscape. I opened my mind to describe active and positive energy such as 'love, passion, and challenging mind'. It took me 2 days to finish it, I felt sure to work for this, I had no sketch, no sound samples, had nothing in my head what to do. So I just started with nothing. Had no stress, no break, didn't sleep for one day while recording sounds and next day I worked few more hours to mix and master sounds and it became a track. And I showed this to Mike, we listened together in Zoom and after that I felt it's too much for using this soundtrack for the assignment. So I moved on my next step to make my idea more detailed.

Visual progress

If I describe my soundtrack is about human's drive movement which is about love and passion, then I want to say animal's drive is more about aggression and survive. And this is what I tried to explain about. Used Touchdesigner, worked with 3d texture and feedback loops. After this I start research of Helmut Smith's works because he is the most interested artist from the document.

Helmut Smith

Helmut Smith - Waterfall
Helmut Smith - Clear blue sky
Helmut Smith - Rainbow

I was fascinated with his works, they look simple to help understand but still abstract. Big scale and performative style of works give a joy too. So I wanted to make something like that. Making it simple way but contains message that I want to share through my work. While researching references, I eventually found slit scan works on instagram, so I directly dived into work with slit scan technique. It was not that complicated work with.

Slit-scan technique

Slit-scan is a technique used to create still images in relation to time. I got inspired from 'Rainbow' by Helmut Smith.  Changing three dimension to two dimension gave such a different result from original footage.

Working flow was quite similar as my previous video, but this one I set rectangle in the patch, so according to this base level, video got scanned and it keeps as image.

So this bar is same as edge of the prism, I put video as input instead of light, the it reflects my input and transform as new output same as a rainbow.


second sound track

In the end, I visualised of criticising human(social) alienation. While our technology is growing faster, our human personality is not a big interests anymore, humans can be substituted for each other if they want.  As a result, our lives become more convenient through machines, and our economic life became most importance of our life. We need to open our eyes and listen other's voice. We should not forget that we are all just same human.