Recently in Russia there was one extremely noticeable event - a young teacher Yulia Tsvetkova got a criminal charge (pornography distribution) for posting small bodypositive drawings of women’s bodies.

"Alive women have body-fat and it's ok" one of the drawings posted by Yulia

And, though, the actual story is much more complex (Yulia was creating LGBTQ+ friendly theatre for children and police wanted to get rid of her), the topic of policing female bodies is definitely not new (cover the nipples!). So from there I went further towards the discussion about erasure. And how women are erased in media and history, caricatured and used for profit of others. Corporations can post extremely sexualised female bodies as ads on instagram, but actual alive women get their posts deleted, accounts put into shadow ban or even blocked. That way our bodies are heavily policed (the further from “ideal”, the heavier).

In this experimental project I use Seriously.js library integrated in p5.js. It allows you to apply different video effects to video input but keep it fast (fancy rendering through WebGl). I created a Chroma Key effect to start experimenting with erasure and showing your body.  One of technical difficulties was the fact that people are in no shortage of color variety, so I decided to use a color picker to adjust to each person/lighting.

While testing, the more nude body I showed, the more erased it was.

Then I thought about Instagram policies more and about countless stories ffrom my activist friends, whose accounts got strikes for posting semi-nude fat bodies or just non-model bodies.

So in my final draft you can click away your body to read Content policy of Instagram.

This project is mainly just a metaphor for the fact, that to comply with the rules, our alive bodies need to disappear. So that corporate, detached, synthetic bodies could flourish.

Here you can try it, but it's good to have nice lighting!