Nice Ass-dress - Idea Activism

My subject for the theme activism is catcalling, which is part of street harassment.

In dutch what says about it:

“ ​De overgrote meerderheid van de vrouwen wordt regelmatig, soms dagelijks geconfronteerd met straatintimidatie. Vrouwen worden door volslagen onbekende mannen uitgemaakt voor “hoer”, nagesist of herhaaldelijk en agressief gevraagd of ze seks willen. Dit beperkt de bewegingsvrijheid van meisjes en vrouwen. Het maakt dat ze bepaalde gebieden vermijden, zich anders gaan kleden, of simpelweg lang niet zo ontspannen over straat gaan als mannen. In de Nederlandse samenleving staat gelijkwaardigheid tussen mannen en vrouwen voorop. Straatintimidatie staat dus haaks op onze normen en waarden.”

I’ve noticed that in Arnhem  it happends a lot, too much..

The other day when I walked down the street a guy said “oeeeeefff nice assss”, while I was walking towards him so doesnt even make sense, but right away I felt very awkward, helpless, naked and I blamed myself (maybe my jeans are too tight, maybe I looked at him too long, maybe maybe other bullshit reasons.) I  never react, besides sometimes I  give them angry eyes, cause I don’t want to give the attention they might want or get into a confrontation where I don’t know how someone will react. I am very aware since I moved to Arnhem when I wear a dress or a skirt that problably a stranger on the street while make a discusting comment. The ‘oef nice ass’ is in the harmless category but the comments go way worse. It makes me think four times about what im wearing before I go outside and this makes me angry.

On the Instagram accounts of catcallsinams, which is just the one of Amsterdam but in there are a lot of them  girls use streetcalck to write down on the streets what is being said as catcalls to followers who send in their stories.. In this way they fight to get attention with the hashtag #stopstreetharrasment. One of the woman from the account got arrested cause she was writing “offensive language” on the street. This caused a big stir in the conversation where it is allowed to be said to you in the streets but not written down.

This week I want to fight the influence catcalling has.
I won’t do this by going to the source, the people who catcall, cause I know I be able to change people and make them stop that easily. I can show them how much and nasty stuff there is being said and in which they contribute.

I want to bring awareness to the cause while changing how  “the receiver” will feel.
I want to take back control over the words being said about the bodies and chlothes of (mostly) woman that are being catcalled at.

Therefore I will make “the  nice ass dress”.
It will be a wearble made out of all the words and sentences cut out of fabric stitched together which becomes a graphic print.

I will use the words to cover up your body instead of the words making you feel naked.
I will bring back control over your body.

I will take back control over the words by saying it first and therefore there is no need to say it anymore.

Like fat amy thought me:

Ive tried out it out with the word nice ass in two ways with scaps i had lying around. Here the tests.

Catcalls of Amsterdam.

bevrijdingsrok. Vrouwen die de rok maakten ter verwerking van hun pijn van de oorlog en het gevoel van samenhoorigheid te creëren.

the security pants for girls in Thailand that fake a boner  so girls can wear the outfits they like without the fear of being raped or abducted.