Add new material

In 3D programs (Unity, cinema 4D... ect.) you can add new materials, these spheres with textures, colors, depth, they are 3D. Throw them on an object ant its getting the material, but everything is 2D, its just a folden object, with a flat surface. Nothing is 3D in there.

Looking in nature, my room, everything has an other texture, but its solid. Thinking of this makes me feel weird. My eyes beleve that the 3D world in virtual worlds are also 3D.. I want to beleve it, and go an watch in there as the real world. Sometimes when I'm looking at the sky I see a skybox. What is real?

I'm facinated by this material object thoughts. Can i make materials in the real word and place them on the real material, will it become more real of fake, mixing the real and the fake. fake?