audio frustration

For sound i wanted to use the programme MAX msp, last year I worked in MAX msp, but wanted to explore it more, also part of frustration since I don't really understand al the buttons and have to search for almost everything ..

Some of my frustrations

  1. Exactly knowing what you want to do in a computer program, but not knowing how.
  2. Putting in a lot of effort for something that turns out to be very simple afterwards.
  3. Still not knowing which side left or right is.
  4. Not being able to come up with a word.
  5. My procrastination. Being self-aware enough to recognise that I tend to do it, but still doing it anyway.
  6. Never finishing books. When I get around to read I enjoy it, but apparently other stupid things are more interesting than concentrating on finishing a book.
  7. The fact that I tend to look at my phone so much throughout the day.
  8. I find it frustrating that some people have a huge passion or absolute fascination for one thing or subject, and I don’t.
  9. People who don’t play attention while playing boardgames.
  10. The difference between frustration and annoyance. Are things frustrating or annoying?
  11. Not knowing what to do, or how. Especially in these times of quarantine, I have a strong desire to go out and do things but somehow things just never come together.
  12. Having an overactive brain before going to sleep, coming up with ideas, and forgetting them the next morning but still remembering having thought of something worthwhile.
  13. Trying to keep a notebook tidy, but having the feeling that doing that limits creativity.
  14. Overthinking, while wanting to be more impulsive, while also trying to keep some kind of structure. Very contradictory.
  15. Loud noises. My ears are sensitive for loud noises, noises that keep on going or noises that I can’t identify the origin of.
  16. At my parents house there is a door that is hard to close and tends to rattle from the wind that’s blowing through the mailbox.
  17. When your phone was on the charger the whole night but it’s still not charged up when you want to leave because the plug wasn’t properly pushed into the phone.
  18. When your alarm doesn’t go off and the panic you feel after you realise that it didn’t go off.
  19. Taking something (fe. A laptop) somewhere and realising that you forgot something else (fe. The laptop’s charger) that you needed in order to use the thing.
  20. My little brother who’s always on the toilet when I need to go.