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Welcome all to my schouw post. In this post I included all my work from the last couple of months, the first weeks of the second semester and during the COVID-19 quarantine. It feels like I entered a vacuum, where everything goes slowly. A place where there is a lot


Theme: solitude + more Title: Sheep At the beginning of the lockdown, solitude was the first theme, but also the feeling. The first week I was looking for ways to deal with the current situation, everything was new. I was thinking about working without physical contact. I was feeling a sense

Soundscapes + sound objects

[work still under construction] For every new theme I made a soundscape. While making the sounds, I was thinking of how this will look like in 3D. What will it look look? How will it feel? Listen to the 5 sounds here Description of every soundscape: Solitude: empty, hollow, my


During the projectmonth, when we still where able to enter the school building Jippe, Jonas and I, made a work called CryptoSauna. "Enjoy computational wellness" PROCES