I went to the small beach in Oosterbeek area for my field trip. I've eventually went here first time with Jochem, Maria, Juliette and more friends last Summer. I only had good memories of this place and it was not that far from my place. I asked to my friend


In the very beginning, I absorb meaning of activism simply like this: RIDE OR DIE. Human behavior above all else, is driven by the power of motive from the inside. As one of Freud's early assumptions, he described this drive as like this. "Drive is a concept of the border


With the development of information technology and the increase in the provision of services using the Internet, the provision of personal information to use it is also rapidly increasing. Most internet sites as well as online commerce sites require the provision of personal information such as name, date of birth,



The Butterfly Effect 2020 was created by recording the sound of the washing machine. It was decided to start working by focusing on the chaos theory called the butterfly effect. Being interested in the sounds of the washing machine with different rhythms and different frequencies, I had experiment while mixing,