Soundscape nude poster

Description: pink white bright round smooth soft spinning motion hollow light textile (sine waves don't smell for me :-) It was interesting to apply my formula of taking/filming real life objects and turning them into abstractions for first and only generated sound. It was much harder to think of

Soundscape poster room-pong

The description was harder to formulate, because the sounds were clearly separated between each other, so I decided to write out 3 main sounds. Kettle: big hairy flat black dark soft brown smells dust moves in slow waves Siren: red bright fast light yellow sharp long thin hot heavy smells

Soundscape loud quietness

For the resistance soundscape I stood by the topic of insomnia and decided to record the "quiet" spaces in my house like kitchen, bathroom when the washing machine is on, my flatmate singing at night, fridge wooshing etc. Some examples: And then - simple enough, I decided to make then

Essay on the process

Here is my full essay on this semester! Here is a link to .pdf file!

Come sit inside my head

This project is mostly about presenting my visualisations of soundscapes. I made a website where you can click on each "door" and sit inside my visualisation made in unity. My huge trouble started with Unity, because I am really new to it and I couldn't figure out how to make