Quaratine may have a bad reputation but I wanted to use it for my advantage. So following the ups and downs of this journey I started self-learning things I've always wanted to do. I spent my days learning a lot of different softwares like TouchDesigner, Ableton Live and recently Unity


This was a group project which included Boudewijn, Me (Manali), Yang and Puck. Our task was to create an umbrella exhibition which nicely embedded other micro-exhibitions made by others. Visit the site here. Starting with the name, we went with Re(Title) as a salute to our weekly themes which

Inside Out [Exhibition]

Exhibition created by Manali & Puck.When making our exhibition we wanted to keep it simple and opted for a widely used platform to exhibit the works we collected i.e. Instagram. Inside Out is an exhibition which takes a look at the outside world during our quarantined world using


I gave a green screen mask to a few individual and asked them to click pictures of them wearing it. The briefing given to them was quite simple; Be you as a statue. If you were a statue what would your story be? Playing with symbolism, I wanted the subject

Chroma Key Green

The Chroma Key Green/Green Screen green allows us to overlaps videos/photos on other videos/photos. For me using this green on someone symbolizes the freedom of identity, how you could be whoever you want to be.