Dood hertje

The word abstraction comes from the latin ab-stra-here, that translates to ”to separate, to pull apart, to draw away from”. Mankind is more alienated from nature than anything else today. Nature is reduced to a cultural-historical construct, and a source of materials for our consumption. Until the industrialisation animals formed

Window cleaner

For Daan's class i had a plan to make a film about window cleaners. An ode to the window cleaner who is sensually washing those windows as if it were easy


Welcome reader, I'm gonna try to take you on a tour trough my works and we'll start a few weeks before the corona. Back then I was working on a couple of interesting projects that I never finished the way I would have liked to, but they are interesting starters

Child labor

Collaboration with my nephew and niece, to see if i can exploit them to work for me. I want to hire them to do my schouw. This idea dirived from the activism theme

Sims1 aesthetics

I experimented with the aesthetics of the game, here you see a selection of the results: Including a website (for the zine assignment) -you can drag the sim around-