Nicky ft. AI

I looked to AI as a creative partner to make music with. I love making songs but I often get stuck with a cool demo of 30-60 seconds. I made two full songs with AI as my source of creative inspiration.


The past three months have been a strange time for all of us. All our normal ways of behaving, both big and small, have required reconsideration. As confusing and terrifying as this has been for many of us, it might have been a good time for artists, because...

Schouw post Nicky

My schouw works

1,5 centimeter website (concept)

This is the concept for the work I planned to do for the resistance theme. However it is quite complex technically, so I didn't manage to finish it within the time we had for it. I will take this project with me into the summer holiday, since I believe it has a lot of potential.

Frustrations final website

The frustrations are ranked from most to least frustrating, the worst being the biggest and slowly fading smaller as they become less significant for me.