Fuzzy Paint

A drawing app for the DS

Sound Shaders


Soundscapes and Unity sound objects

WIP, placeholder for bookmark Used my plugin etc. Spheres.

Barcode Zine

Design sketches.Alternate covers. They didn't work, because I needed a boring old QR code to link to the website.Original video View this post on Instagram Barcode synthesizer A post shared by Rein van der Woerd (@reinvanderwoerd) on Mar 22, 2020 at 8:11am PDT Githubreinvdwoerd/barcode-zineContribute to reinvdwoerd/

Roll the Dice

TODOOOO continue this. Made together with Nicky and Ksenia. Cover art by Ksenia. It was a really long, complex project, a lot of work. It was cool to work with so many tracks. I got used to my own voice and became a little less terrible at voice acting. Unfortunately