Resistance against the unfamiliar - Banana VR

Resistance against the unfamiliar
We are so familiar with the objects around us. Even so familiar then when an object doesn’t look the way its supposed to look
people almost instantaneously don´t like it. We should rebel against the norm. Maybe if an object looks different does not mean it is immideately bad.
People(including myself) are so obsessed on how things look, and on their own appearance. Rosa Parks lead a resistance against a system that was obviously unjust,
where in that time that system was found to be normal, atleast by the ones who were in power. In the present time such inequalities still take place unfortunately.
We often resist to big changes and unfamiliarities. but If we don´t also form a resistance against a system or a normality we will always be stuck in a flawed world.
By changing the appearance of everyday objects I try to challenge the familiarity we have with these objects.

First collection of objects

Banana VR
I recreated the 3D scene in Unity with all sorts of objects out of scale and floating around.

When I started experimenting with Unity I got some really weird effects as well.