The past few months have been very special. I experienced a mix of disbelief, fear, excitement, disconnection and boredom surrounding the lockdown.

The first weeks were difficult because of a lack of routine. I noticed that working from home caused me to not have a clear “start” of the day, in the way that leaving your room and travelling to ArtEZ is a very clear switch. This caused me to have difficulty leaving my “I am at home right now” state of being.  I first had to fool my brain by leaving the house and going for a run before I could focus. After a few week I started getting used to the new situation and managed to have not need that distinction any more.

I also really missed “real” contact and collaboration with other students and teachers. I think I did have less fun working on a lot of project because of the lack of face to face contact and the inspiration I get out of seeing my classmates present their work in the real world. Seeing people and them presenting their work  only online did really make this whole period feel a little less “real” in a way. I love having casual conversations and hanging out with my class, but for some reason I barely felt like meeting up with them online to just chat for a bit. I think it’s because I had plenty of housemates living with me and the world of ArtEZ just felt really far away.

I am very happy that even without a part of the enjoyment of the social layer of ArtEZ, I still (mostly) had a good time making works for the themes.

Here are the themes I want to present for schouw:

Frustration | FFFFffffFfffFFFffff

Escapism | BRRR

Resistance | overKill

And these are works I'm also happy with but might not all fit into the time slot

Fundamentals | Screens

Sound objects

Designed Garden



This video is the result of a one day effort to write down at least 60 frustrations and make a one minute video about them. Making a long list of frustrations already made me feel quite annoyed, and having only one second per frustration for the video made me get stuck in my head for a bit.

Eventually I just started thinking of simple ways to visualize frustration and the image of trying to open a taped down plastic bag felt like a good way of achieving this.


This the first visualisation of one of the soundscapes I made for Mike's class. I first wanted to make the animation in blender, but animating movement was harder than I anticipated, so I decided to stick to processing and animate the dots using code.


This was my favorite project to work on. I really wanted to get comfortable with unity, and I was able to learn a lot about it during this period.

I first thought about making a first person game, but I didn;t like how it played and ended up choosing for a top down perspective game with first person cuts in between

The concept of this project changed from a game with a weird control scheme to a game that is supposed to make the player feel a sense of helplessness.

Fundamentals | Screens

I was afraid I’d only work on my computer since that’s what I feel most comfortable with, so I tried to keep myself away from the screen with certain assignments. For the after effects assignment I incorporated hand-drawn characters into the animation and ended up really liking the aesthetic of it.

Sound objects

Objects made from our soundscapes. I managed to get a little acquainted with unity from the resistance project, and I now feel like I understand the basics of the program and I am glad to notice how much fun I’m having while working with it for this assignment.

Designed Garden

I was pretty happy about these plants for the online garden project we did for Bram's class. All plant are made in blender, a program I'm also beginning to feel more and more comfortable using. It's satisfying to notice that I am beginning to be able to realize the images of these plants i had in my head through blender. The program can also suprise me with the unexpected outcomes because of messing up a material setting and ending up with a reflective plant, for instance.