Iridescence (Bubbles)

This is our (Jonas and me) exhibition project for Jan Robert, Bram and Leanne's class. We both missed the first lesson so we were behind on schedule.

Jonas initiated the project, using react-360 to create 360 degree environments to place works in. I joined the following week.

We later switched to react-three-fiber, a thin wrapper around ThreeJS, because we wanted functionality that react-360 couldn't offer. The 360 images were captured using the Google Street View app.

Our initial idea was to make the project about self-isolation and personal and artistic bubbles. In human-speak: the living or bedroom you spent all that time in.
In this version we would ask people to make scans of their 'bubbles', and place their works in the bubble. It would be as if you could reach through the little rectangles in a video call, and see the rest of their space. This would've been a very clear categorisation, one person per room with their works, but also a bit boring.

All teachers encouraged us to try different environments than just bedrooms. Jonas made some beautiful outside bubbles like the Rhine and a railway, and I made more indoor ones, which were glitchy, as Google Street View had trouble stitching the small spheres together.

The first change I made, and the one I'm most proud of is that the transitions from bubble to bubble no longer caused a different browser page to be loaded, but instead merely changed the camera position. It's amazing that it worked so well, that moving the camera into a small bubble was enough to make it feel like you're fully in there.

In the end I feel like the concept became less focused, but the environments became more interesting and varied.

Aafje offered us her photogrammetry scans, and they look fantastic in the bubbles.

I created the cover image for the exhibition and Jonas the description.
Jonas was able to come up with a new formulation for what the project has become since we switched away from the previous concept.

The cover image

We finished off by making the 'home page' or outer bubble a 360 scan of park Sonsbeek that Jonas took. It looks euphoric and like a place where you would bellenblaas.

You can view the project on