You start your assessment post with a short introduction to the work you've made.
In this introduction you can outline how the past 100 days in isolation have affected your work and/or interests. When were you able to find meaning in creating something again and which project was that? Did you learn a new coding language or application/software? Did you spend your time experimenting in extracurricular projects and media in order to stay sane?

This is where you write an index to your assessment consisting of the projects you will include in your schouw presentation:

  1. Solitude | Dood Hert
  2. Frustration |  A 1 Hour Sit
  3. Activism | Street Repair Love Song
  4. Techno album (extracurricular)
  5. Graffiti experiment (extracurricular)

Dood Hert
Here you can write a bit about the process of this project.
You can add images in-line by clicking the + icon on the left.
By selecting text and pasting a URL after clicking the link icon, make a link.
This is useful in the index above, but can also be used to link to a specific project you already posted about making a podcast about color.

So in this assessment post you write about the process for every subject in the index. You can included sketches and images of that process and explain about techniques you used. That way, teachers can read about your progress and get some context first before looking at the project posts themselves. This way the project posts can stay simple and just show the result.

If you are finished making your assessment post you need to go to 'post settings'.
You get there by clicking on the little cog-wheel in your top right hand corner.
There you can select an image, set a custom URL and choose the tags corresponding with your projects.