dead kikker in arrtez

one year ago Francisco and i were chilling/working after class outside school when we heard this really weird noises

we though oh no a frog is maybe stuck inside one of those tubes, so we called a conciërge, we stayed for sometime there with him trying to figure out what was that sound but in the end i think it was just air or something (so no dead animal)

some day ago francisco and i were walking close to school and we heard those noises again, but this time it was so loud, we could hear them even from Utrechtseweg

I consider it would be cool if i could make other people think there is a dead frog dying in school, so i went there the next day with a can of diced tomato with sauce in order to through it to the water and make a video where you could hear those sounds and see the "blood and flesh" from the dead animal, and what was even better there was actually a frog next to it so that would make the video look more credible maybe

but i didnt hear the sounds again :( i stayed there for some time but ye i ended up leaving at some point, maybe another time