Instead of drinking a beer on a terrace you can pick up your favourites in a beer drive through, singing classes are held through Facetime and in Zoom people are still having bingo and cocktail nights.

The lockdown in-forced due to the Covid-19 pandemic has the world upside down. But it is inspiring how many creative solutions have surfaced across industries countries and communities.

Since I’m not able to go to school, see my classmates, build in the workshop or have face to face feedback moments, this semester has required an extra dose of creativity and adapting for me personally.

The isolation is frustrating. The need to escape and resist grows every day. But staying active keeps me sane.

Looking back on all the themes and projects I made in this semester, I see all the different stages and mindsets I went through.

In the beginning I struggled with the vagueness and the continuously changing rhythm. But many weeks into I found my own rhythm again I could hold onto it.

At first I stuggled with the one week assignments. I was thinking too big which caused me to stress I was not going to be able to deliver something in just one week. I learnt to make it simpler or work on just my first idea and be open to let the concept evolve through the process.

I struggled at the end with my inspiration and creativity where in the beginning that went easier for me. I realised how I missed school and the environment we are in there and seeing what my classmates are doing.

But to fill that “natural” inspiration gap I dove more into the references that were given and started to see other things I might not when I did it by myself. Where I feel like my projects from the first weeks aren’t really good, I do like my last project and can see that I improved in the way of thinking, researching references and completing.

So even when a lot of times I felt like I wasn’t learning a lot, I can see now that all the adapting and reinventing learnt me a whole new way of learning, getting inspired and creating.

I set myself a goal in the beginning. I wanted to become better at video editing and animations. So I did projects in Premiere, After Effects and Cinema4d. For the soundscapes I worked in Ableton which I feel very familiar with now, which is a big improvement. The visualisations of the soundscapes I made in Unity.

For the last theme I chose to go off screen and make my project with my sewing machine as a medium.

I’m happy I worked with a lot different mediums this semester.

Cinema 4d was a frustrating process and my computer was not capable of doing what I wanted to do in cinema.

After putting the project aside for a few weeks and finishing it in the end, I realised how much better I got at it, that was very up lifting.

In my Schouw presentation I will show the following projects:

1.      Frustration | videos + stills
2.      Activism | nice ass-dress
3.      Soundscapes of all the themes in Unity.

Read here my essay about all my projects, references and process.

One hundred days in isolation Instead of drinking a beer on a terrace, you can pick up your favourites in a beer drive through, singing classes are held through Facetime and people continue to hold bingo and cocktail nights via Zoom. The lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has the world upside do…

Here are all my projects from this semester:


Process Cinema4D - Escapism moving poster
Third week of the lockdown. The urge to escape the same walls I have been in is growing every day. Before the lockdown I could easily not leave the house for a whole day, but since the lockdown I’m really looking forward to do grocery shopping once a day. Guess its true that what you cant have, you …


Final - Escapism moving poster
[rendering, soon to be posted]



Frustration video’s
I made a list of 60 things that I find frustrating. I devided those in six catogories so ten frustation in each catogory. I started off making an animation in Cinema 4D, where I wanted to make all the words appear and disappear. After just making one word, my computer already couldn’t handle it, ver…
Frustation video process
After making my frustration videos following my ruleset I wasn’t pleased with the result. After talking to Daniel I realised I should self-criticise it, see what I don’t like about it, see what I do like about it and then work from there. The parts I like about it is that its quick. A lot of things…


Stills from frustation video (visual research)
These are screenshots from the video’s which I found looking interesting.

Final video:

Frustation final video’s
my final one I edited: Video of 5 effect videos + the original video together, showing my frustations towards After Effect with it’s unlimeted amount of options: Rest of the videos seperatly:

For resistance I chose the subject uniforms to resist. This week I researched a lot. The subject was very broad. After chosing a side of the theme I created my project idea "the resistance doll".

Research parts:

Uniforms research text - Resistance process
Withing the theme resistance I chose to dive into uniforms. Uniforms are in place to create unity and recognizability. The term “uniforms” covers a lot of forms from military- to MacDonald’s uniforms, from the kkk- to school uniforms. Uniforms are so restricted that I was interested to find a way to…
Uniforms created by ourselves - Research - Resistance - Uniforms
“all girls wear the same” - all the guys ever I was interest in how we tend to still create a uniform even when we are not obligated to wear one. My friends and I all looked the same in the first years of highschool, but we didnt think so because we all had the same sneakers but in a different co…
Impact of uniforms on fashion
Schooluniforms. From ugly obligated uniforms these transformed into a fashion outfit you see around everywhere. It started when Vivianne Westwood in the ’70 made a collection turning the pleaded skirt into punk. From there in the ’90 the plead skirt was big in the grunge scene. Courtney Love was…

Project idea:

“The Restistance Doll” idea - Process Resistance
Project idea. With my project I want to give a user back control back. As in my research has been said: the best way to stand out right now is maybe by slightly altering the uniform. Therefore my first idea was to make a paperdoll dressed in an uniform and the different pieces to put on are slight…


Nice Ass-dress - Idea Activism
My subject for the theme activism is catcalling, which is part of street harassment. In dutch what straatimidatie.nl says about it: “ ​De overgrote meerderheid van de vrouwen wordt regelmatig, soms dagelijks geconfronteerd met straatintimidatie. Vrouwen worden door volslagen onbekende mannen ui…
Activism process
After talking to Daniel I decided to stick to a font. I decided to chose a font with connected letters and swirly cute looking, since the sentences where gross I like the contrast it creates. By using connected letters it turned into one long “sliert”. Every 8 letters I went up 2cm in size of the…
Activism final
[Pictures will be reshot this weekend (hopefully) with a model]


References activism
Top 3 most interesting with references. - Yes man -> Oobah bulter on youtube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDbSvEZka6GFOUX4HC8IdJ2rVcNOIe6Yt, Crashing fashionweek and becoming number 1 restaurant in London on tripadviser. Absolute must watch videos. He is very fun. - Citizenfour -> icar…

Online exhibition

Layers - Curated online exhibition
Collaboration with Francisco and Maria. This online exhibition is called Layers. There will be three pieces of art showcased selected by their way of covering up or uncovering layer in different ways. To see the artworks you will have to go through different layers of the internet. Every layer you…


Noisy machines - Soundscape Isolation
The streets are empty, the horeca is closed., the only place you will see people is the grocery store because of the self-isolation. It has never been so quiet outside But where outside changed into a quiet empty place, being inside changed into a overload of sounds that I normally wouldn’t be aroun…
Inside a Bubble - Soundscape Escapsism
While being stuck inside to be save from the virus the only way to see the outer world is looking through the window. But what if you could be inside a bubble floating around the streets. Hearing the people walk by, the cars pass and still be self-isolated. Within my escapism soundscape you hear th…
ASMR SMKS - Soundscape Frustration
What is more frustration than someone that smaks? Smakken (loudly eating with your mounth open) is ranked very high on my list of frustration. Even though it was very frustration and gave me chills to work with this sound, it now is transformed from someone eating a apple into an reversed ASMR exper…
The Milwalk - Soundscape Resistance
For my resistance week project I chose to resist uniforms. While researching on YouTube I saw a lot of videos from armies marching. (See video below) It is visually very pleasing. Like a dance. From here I chose to work with sounds from military marching. In the soundscape you hear different marc…
Kitty - Soundscape Activism
Within the theme activism I chose catcalling as a theme. Since all my soundscapes are connected with my week project I also tried to chose my sound relating to it. With a little wink I made a soundscape of the sounds of a cat. The cat is miauw-ing, eating and purring which I transformed into a cat …

Projects before the themes

Greetings from Quarantine
From the text I picked the sentence ’Our culture is composed more of media orientated expierences than of directly lived once.”. I found this one interesting because I can relate to it. I feel like i’ve seen the Taj Mahal from every angle already even though I’ve never been there, thanks to Instagra…


12335546 - Stuck Inside
The urge is growing, outside is looking so tempting. But the objects inside the house see me, they’re trying to hold me back. Does being stuck inside make me go crazy??? Before the quarantine we worked on a video project for Daan’s class where I shot some try out material of close ups. These video’…

Project start from before quarantine.

Time Transformation - Prelockdown
Idee opdracht Transformations. Ik wilde graag al een tijd met de webcam dingen proberen in processing. Ik heb veel werken van Lozano Hemmer bekeken (zie inspiratielijst). Ik hou van de speelsheid en van de interactie die mensen hebben als ze zichzelf zien en hoe ze invloed hebben op het werk. Voor…