diesel motor stuffed animal

we were watching a movie and i thought wow would be so cool to use cars instead of actors for a movie or video

in that moment im considering cars as animated beings

i recently had got the sewing machine from marieke and i was gonn make stuffed animals so

the concept stuffed animals was in the caché of my mind

what if i make a stuffed animal containing a diesel motor?

it would smell like gasoline and sound powerful

i thought that was a nice idea but i wasnt really planning on executing it in that moment, i was kinda happy with just having the idea and sometimes i just dont wanna materialize things bc in my head they can just be perfect

i hadnt done anything yet for that weeks theme (resistance),  i was a bit unmotivated about school and was hard for me to engage with it, but still on thursday i talked with Daniel. I mentioned i had this idea so he gave me the mini/side assignment of extracting the things i like/find interesting about cars and stuffed animals, explain this visually and  make sketches of how an hybrid could look like

i made some sketches kinda but also not really i ended up thinking about it and reading about cars instead of just making, then also next week i missed the chance of talking to him about this, he mentioned it again but then i forgot

something i thought is that i like when stuffed animals are this weird hybrid between human and animal, and they have "human looking skin" and fur at the same time

i dont find this skteches interesing bc theyre kinda obvious, in my head the idea of stuffed animal its more abstract and doesnt have a human or animal shape, maybe more an abstract shape inspired by a car shape maybe. Its has fur, and maybe pretty eyes, i like to imagine cars with really pretty eyes like anime eyes

these could be anime eyes

i also like to visually abstract anime eyes, they look so pretty but its just circles into circles or just white spòts in darkness, i made this drawing where the crying emoji becomes a crying eye

to conclude i also like when people put sick stickers in cars, so maybe this stuffed motored being would also have like flame or tribal shapes

also some eyes from stuffed animals i saved when researching, for inspiration/ future reference

and these r stuffed animals where you can put a pic of your face in, i also like these