Dood hertje

The word abstraction comes from the latin ab-stra-here, that translates to ”to separate, to pull apart, to draw away from”. Mankind is more alienated from nature than anything else today. Nature is reduced to a cultural-historical construct, and a source of materials for our consumption. Until the industrialisation animals formed a close bonding circle around humans. Slowly but surely that animal human connection faded from our everyday life. Now humans are fluttering around in their modern dream, as the centre of their own anthropocentric universe. Humans are lonely.
During a solitude stroll I stumbled on a dead deer. This animal became symbolic for the connection we once had with nature, and lost along the way. We try to maintain a dialogue with nature, but there is no one on the other end of the line to answer. On the one hand humans don’t acknowledge nature as a necessity. On the other hand nature doesn’t care at all about humans. Solitude has a negative connotation but it doesn't have to. Being alone, or lost can work clarifying or relaxing. I made a movie with the dead deer as the embodiment of solitude. The film contains a photogrammetric image of the deer and clouds. The closer you get to what you actually want to see the more the image decays. The further humanity evolves the more we lose the connection with nature itself.