My environment

Unity game

I tried to recreate a place that gave me a certain feeling what i had with the week theme resistance, where I was looking for peace. Peace of not thinking, peace of not feeling bad but also not feeling happy. I just wanted for once to feel nothing to think nothing. But I did want to feel safe, what I no longer had at home this because I got constantly confronted with school, living and working at one place got me completely dragged down. Their lied so many thoughts so many frustrations. So I wanted to resist that al the negative energy by coming somewhere where I never go. A new place where you can start over. Like an empty room that has to be rearranged again I wanted to try that for my self because its hard to throw your stuff out. But making a new room is as well. But that feeling or experience I had there was for me I can't share this because I experienced it. But I want to give you a expression on what I say from a point of view of the eye. And I want to save it, is that bad if your looking for nothing? can you save something that is not there, there is always an image. In my eyes an image doesn't mean visual available for everyone to see. So I created this environment where I could look back up on that reminded me of that, so I could put myself back in that moment of time. a reflection of time and space and a place in the memory.