Process Cinema4D - Escapism moving poster

Third week of the lockdown. The urge to escape the same walls I have been in is growing every day. Before the lockdown I could easily not leave the house for a whole day, but since the lockdown I’m really looking forward to do grocery shopping once a day. Guess its true that what you cant have, you want the most.

My computer screen became my main source of escaping. It turned into a window to the outside world. My real two big window in my house looking down the street is turned into the other escape.

While making the soundscape of this theme I transformed my sound if you would here if from inside a bubble. Inside the bubble the world around you moves by. The sound transforms when the bubble does.

I would like to become better at making animations so I chose to work with cinema 4d for this project.

In Cinema 4d I made a bubble, moving and changing like I visualize in my head while making my soundscape.

My first try you see here. (upload render or video)
I tried to make it like a window which turns into the bubble that you push through. From there the bubble transforms and then other spheres fall on it from the outside.

This was terrible to make. I used a soft body and my computer couldn’t handle that. It took me a while to figure out that the sofy body was the problem.
The effect I was trying to make was not visible at all in this version.
I stopped and started over. See next post to see the final result.

(link final post)