External Project - Visual Art For The Blind/Deaf-Blind/Visually Impaired

This semester, I have been researching on ways to translate visual art for the blind/deaf-blind/visually impaired. The research process of this project was a slow learning curve. I have condensed the research paper on a website dedicated for blind accessibility.


It is recommended to use Chrome and to manually grant accessibility for microphone and sound (if not automatically issued). The man in the website doesn't hear so well, please give him some patience. :-)

This research paper goes through my though process and topic such as: indigenous comic beliefs, life in time and space, our bodily senses, hearing potential (echolocation), translating colours into sound, and the conclusion of phase one.

Website Struggles:

Coding this website made me realize how important user experience design is. Since everything on this site has to be read and repeatedly read, it was difficult to curate a nice way for audience interaction. The first version of the site was more telling what the audience have to say after each reply. In order for the site to response with an answer, cue words needs to be said. After testing it on other people, I found that people wanted to chose what they want to hear. So in the final version I made a topic list.

This is my first attempt to code a webpage and launching it online. I did not realize the amount of steps required to just to put things online! I was experiencing a lot of security issues due to the speechSynthesis.speak function. At the moment, I am not able to fix this.

It was also very difficult for the man in the webpage to pronounce Martijn. Therefore I had to write Marthai for it to pronounce closer to the Dutch pronunciation.