With All These Words, Are You Here?

Together with Yang, Marieke and Kseniia we made an expo for the Festival opening on retitle.me (open in Chrome).

We focussed on text that comes with the work of artists. Text is a part of an artwork. We have two elements, the world that you always can enter, and can have a look at the different workt that is 'hanging' there, and a live performance in a google document, only text based.

Curatorial text:

With All These Words, Are You Here?

Text is a part of an artwork.

For this exhibition, we are showing pieces of text and highlighting parts which all artists have in common --- an intention. In the live performance, we will be changing the pronoun “I” into artists’ names. The rest of the descriptions are then turned white. We question the curation of text in exhibitions --- with all these words, are the artists really present? The waiting room of the exhibition is to reflect on the issue of overcrowded museums. We question the mentality of viewing art as objects. In large openings, the artwork is often hidden behind the crowd of people waiting to view. Yet, we can always read the text standing by its side. This also reinforces the fact that text partakes an impactful role in how we view art at exhibitions.

Once the performance is over, the audiences are free to highlight and read the whole description.


live performance june 19

life performance google document

Proces images of our landing page:

try out, live performance
together we made almost all the design choises

some online shows for inspiration.