I can get annoyed by lots of things.


This video is the result of a one day effort to write down at least 60 frustrations and make a one minute video about them. Making a long list of frustrations already made me feel quite annoyed, and having only one second per frustration for the video made me get stuck in my head for a bit.

Eventually I just started thinking of simple ways to visualize frustration and the image of trying to open a taped down plastic bag felt like a good way of achieving this.

The audio is a speech synthesizer that reads aloud about half of the frustrations on my list. I wanted the viewer to be able to understand at least some of the speech, and pushing all 60 frustrations into the audio made the individual frustrations undecipherable.

My List:

Toxic masculinity.
Saying a specific beerbrand is "the only real beer".
The amount of money that is pumped into the sports world.
Eurovision song festival.
Xi Jinping
People that never doubt their own opinion.
DE STAATSLOTERIJ, tricking people whit a free trial that automaticly converts to a paid one.
The amount of news about sports
The amount of news around celeberties
papparazzi, stalking people and calling it journalism
Women still expecting the man the pay on the first date, just because "that just the way it should be".
Men that seem to agree with this.
Commercials that are designed make people feel insecure about themselves
People that never take responsabilty for their mistakes / misfortune.
People that talk down on other people.
People that don't try to understand the viewpoints of others, and cling to their own. Believing your own viewpoint is the "real" one.
Made up labels like "100% organic" that only serve create the image of wellbeing.
People that have a very strong opinion about something they know very little about.
Jehova's witnesses.
The amount of self doubt I have.
Adictive gambling like systems in videogames.
The amount of ads I have when i don't use adblocker, like I just had one on youtube that took more than a minute.
How even though google has collected so much data from me, the company still gives me ads that seem completely unrelated to me.
When people stand in front of the train doors when you are trying to walk out. You're not getting in faster by blocking me, asshat.
When companies like shell have their social media team come up with a social media campaign that makes them look like they really care about the envoirnment.
People who brag about how much alcohol they can drink.
People who brag about how much money they have.
When you are walking to the station and someone stops you to ask how you feel about little seals being clubbed to death or something and then try to guilt you into giving them money to stop it somehow.
The existence of the "bond tegen het vloeken". Is that really the number one thing you think we need to improve in the world right now?
When someone in a conversation only wants to hear him/herself talk and uses every opportunity to steer the conversation somewhere that gives them an excuse to brag.
The fact that i have to abide by traffic laws that were created because there is such a huge amount of cars on the streets, even though I barely ever use a car.
People that don't abide by the traffic laws.
When food is packaged in such a way to make it look like the packaging contains way more food than it actually does.
When there is a button I want to click on a webpage, and then the exact frame before I click on the button a Ad loads in and the page shifts down a little causing me to click on something else.
When the volume of commercials are way louder than the content you were watching before.
When the video you want to watch has to buffer every few seconds, but the ad before it plays flawlesly.
When I worry about overpopulation and then see a christian family with like 7 children.
When people go to all you can eat buffets, and put a load of food on their plate, and than can't finish it and throw it away.
When I worked at Hema at had to throw away all the food that would bad the next day. I wasn't allowed to take it home because of safety regulations.
Tutorials that start with 5 minutes of personal stories and asking me to subscribe and like.
When you want to run into a problem that you think should be easy to solve, but you end up spending half a day trying to solve it.
When people judge others for using certain kinds of drugs, while they drink alchol themselves.
When people at a musuem ask a question with the hidden goal of showing off how much they already know about the subject.
When I think to myself that I need to grow up.
When people don't get out of your way in the supermarket when you try to keep enough distance from everyone.
People that complain about how the teenage supermarket employee is forcing them to use a cart while the employee is still within earshot.
When people blame 5g for corona and then burn down 3g towers to fight it.
The World Health Orginasation having to compliment Xi Jinping for how well he handled the corona virus even though he didn't, because of China's influence in the WHO.
Companies trying to monetise Corona and the incencere wholseomeness that these commercials contain.
The distress and distrust that is tangeble while shopping.
The hoarding of products because of fear of a lockdown, causing others to not have enough food / toiletpaper.
Having beautifull weather outside and not being allowed to go swimming with friends.
Certain leaders not wanting to look weak or spend money, and telling everyone that Covid-19 is just a flu.
The person that tried to scam me on marktplaats when I wanted to buy an HTC Vive from him.
Marktplaats not having a concrete system for flagging scammers.