Theme: resistance

Title: Flesh

Flesh is a work that I made whitin the theme resistanse.

Over the past months, the COVID virus pushed us into a physically distanced society. This fact evokes resistance in me because we are not able to physically meet each other. I am not able to come close to people or feel their presence. As a designer, I also wanted to use my body /do something physical, taking my skin as a starting point.

The theme resistance contains a few different meanings, for these two weeks I focussed on the physical resistance the COVID pandemic pushed us into this distanced society. My skin is my boundary and the sensor to connect, it's the literal resistance between me and the world. A new virus seeps in through my skin. The virus of loneliness. In my work “Flesh” these weeks I focussed on this fact. I made an environment with flesh looking objects with images of my skin. Search for phone numbers on my skin. Come visit me in an intimate artificial world.

To give virtual objects the texture of something from the real world is something that fascinates me. An artist that really inspired me is Kévin Bray, he is working with photogrammetry and gives his objects textures from recognisable materials.

proces images:

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First we had to make a top 3 of interrests from the theme-file Daan made.

These are the first experiments i did for my flesh world.

Here you can find more proces of what I did later.