fleshy world

Flesh sculptures

Nature sculptures

Use Bram’s lecture about AR to but them back in ‘real’ nature ?

Fleshy and big object where you can come real close to ‘humans’, vlees,

Implement sound, referentie aan the meta maze (tilburg), sounds adds a lot

Video and music (lyrics) of Jenny Hval :


Flesh and real nature online, object getting a feeling, resistance agains it. You feel its fake, and not real, nature can’t be in the digital space, or not?

Game: The Stanley parable

“The Stanley Parable is a first person exploration game. You will play as Stanley, and you will not play as Stanley. You will follow a story, you will not follow a story. You will have a choice, you will have no choice. The game will end, the game will never end.”

Resistance against the game narrator, do what you are told to do, resist that, or not

Keep thinking

Also the documentary The Internets Own Boy, keep thinking, use your own norms, keep doing that, also nowadays, there is no law for staying in your home, but the government does