Francisco Mos Def

Here are some projects I worked on throughout the semester. They range from the beginning of the year until now. Everyone is saying it, but these were/are being veery weird times indeed, and it's interesting how it reflected on most aspects of our lives. To not extend it too much, my thoughts and reactions to life-work in 2020.1 are poured over in my Essay.

The things I learned were: I'm transitioning into being more comfortable with doing things for the sake of doing them. I worked more freely and was less focused on mistakes and end results. I feel like my ideas are more connected with the outside.

My challenges were: managing different responsibilities and time frames, not engaging enough on the social community we built, and not working enough with physical materials.

Quik Axes
Project 1: DAT-CLI (Frustration)
Project 2: Esquerda Atrás (Solitude)
Project 3: Netti (Activism)
B-Side: Job Work
B-Side: Music
B-Side: Soundscapes
C-Side: Essay

Project 1: DAT-CLI

After wondering for a while about what frustrated me, I realized that doing this was frustrating. I decided to turn the tables around, in a way. Instead of doing my work based on my frustrations, maybe I could frustrate others. Inspired by MUD: “multi-user dungeons” where users would interact throu…

I make a terminal version of this very website.

Project 2: Esquerda Atrás

Esquerda Atrás
Before moving to Arnhem, the cities where I lived were big metropolises with millions of inhabitants. I felt a drastic difference in the rythm of the city: how fast people walk, how late they stay out, how they behave in the supermarket queue, and so many little aspects of our daily lives. But one t…

I translate my experience in ghost towns into images.

Project 3: Netti

Download extension [] for Chromium-based browsers 1) Activate Developer Mode on your extension panel 2) Unzip and drag folder to your extensions panel Whenever we are out, we are forced to face whatever’s been left there by those who came before. T…

I try to make the internet a very big graffiti wall.

B-Side: Job Work

B-Side – Job Work
I have a job as a web developer. My most recent project, still on-going, is building a website for a travel company based on the Swiss Alps, which offers lodging and different packages depending on the season. I want to mention this as one of my external projects because of the importance it takes i…

I make websites, set up servers and get that bread.

B-Side: Music

B-Side – Music
Access archive [] I recently lost a hard drive with around 300 tracks I made since 2010. 98% of those were unreleased, or never heard by anyone except me and collaborators/friends. I never even played them in my own DJ sets. Each day I forget more and more what they sounded…

Tracks are never finished, but it's better to do something with them besides leaving them collecting dust in some hard drive.

B-Side: Soundscapes

Series of soundscapes inspired by the weekly themes. I enjoyed thinking about physical properties that a sound could assume, and using that as a source of inspiration for the sound design. At multiple points I worried about the line between a soundscape and a musical piece. Some of these soundscap…

I make a few soundscapes inspired by the weekly themes.