jochem and i made a painting each, when the police saw it, they invited us to dinner and asked for an autograph

Well, this is a funny story, Jochem and i were bored, so we ended up painting in De Blauwe Golven. Unfortunately the police saw us. They decided to arrest us (they actually didnt had to do it).

They took our phones and we had to wait for a police van where we were locked up and separately taken to the police station, i didnt see jochem again until we were out. There, i had to wait for in a small closed space until they took all my things, searched me, gave me new pants and shoes, and sheets because maybe i had to stay for the night. in the end we left that night.

Was kinda crazy, realizing they can just take you and lock you in a cell, because for me i was just painting. One police woman was kinda nice, she gave me a book about a dutch christian woman living in the ww2 (was the only english one), diner, and two coffees. She also explained me that for flashing the toilet i had to press a button and ask someone that could remotely flash it for me. It was the same button for other requests, located right over the toilet. Going there was also kinda fun actually, i also felt good being in the cell. I couldnt do anything, its like everything gets neutralized. Before set free we were ask to sign pictures of our artworks.

This wednesday some third years found this whole situation of getting arrested and painting the blauwe golven hilarious, and suggested us to contact the artist, Peter Struycken, and ask him to accept our drawings as a collaboration. I actually would like doing it i think its funny but before doing it i want to find a good way of expressing it and approaching him.