Frustation video process

After making my frustration videos following my ruleset I wasn’t pleased with the result. After talking to Daniel I realised I should self-criticise it, see what I don’t like about it, see what I do like about it and then work from there.

The parts I like about it is that its quick. A lot of things are there to been seen in a short time which confuses you.

The part I don’t like about it is that is too random for me, doesn’t make sense anymore and the theme is lost. By all the separated videos it doesn’t feel like a whole but stays videos after it.

To change this I took the video to After Effects.
I thought if I make it very frustration to watch, I put the frustration back into the video and with some frustration to watch-effects over the whole video I get rid of it being separate videos and tie them together.

While working in after effects, It was a nice study into visuals but if turned for me to be very frustration with the unlimited amount of options instead of it being frustration to watch.