Frustration video's

I made a list of 60 things that I find frustrating. I devided those in six catogories so ten frustation in each catogory.
I started off making an animation in Cinema 4D, where I wanted to make all the words appear and disappear. After just making one word, my computer already couldn't handle it, very frustating. (see video of the process below) So instead of just making one word in cinema 4d and compromising my design cause of my computer, I decided to make another video.
I went back to the list and picked two catagories I found the most interesting. My writen down 20 frustrations I search one by one on the website Here they give you a list of movies that apply best to your search term. I picked the first film every time. Of those movies I took 3 seconds so in total I had a 1 min video. (see list of frustation with movie trailer links below)
For editing and picking which parts of the film I should choose, i gave myself a bit of a guideline to start from. I picked parts where there was no talking and no text, if possible and for the order I sticked to my list of frustrations.

I mostly sticked to these rules. I twice switched two videos around and took one out. After editing I realised I dont like the sound of the original music under it. It makes the videos more seperate than one new one. I put a song under it that a lines with the switches in the shots. It becomes more 1 video than seperate parts, but still not happy with the sound.

So any tips on how to choose or design sounds for a video, or  where to start with that are very welcome!!

Video of cinema 4d process of making the words, got already very slow doing just one word, so switched medium.


1. Slow walkers -

2. Slow thinking -

3. Slow wifi -

4. Slow zoom meetings-

5. Writing thoughts -

6. Reading a book -

7. Learning something -

8. Taking a shower -

9. Mom’s storytelling -


10. Being too early -

11. Being too late -

12. Rushing -

13. Waiting -

14. Delayed train -

15. Early arrived tram -

16. Planning timewise never works out -

17. Taking time for something -

18. Making appointments/meetings 2 weeks plus upfront -