Frustrating Audio

I started of this day by collecting three very obvious frustrated actions like, scratching, paper tearing and dropping of things.

I went back to how I can put more meaning to these. I looked back at the frustration I had picked on Monday; "Why it’s so hard for me to express my feelings?", and it reminded me of how people build up their emotions when they get frustrated. So I decided to build up effects on a single audio to see how it would get distorted.

Using various effects like distortion, reverb, time remapping etc. I wanted these effects to stack up on the audio creating a relatively vague noise almost unbearable to the ear.

Shape: spiky round (but some spikes have softer ends)

Mass: Almost like a translucent noise or grid

Texture: grainy like sandpaper, translucent

Movement: fluid, rotational

Color: grey

Smell: sweat