Frustration soundscape

The synesthetic image I drew for this soundscape.

Metal. Thin. Tube. Dark woods. Long metal tube, moving forward. Empty space. A space becoming a vacuüm. Space being pulled apart towards left and right.

One out of the 60 frustrations I wrote down was constant notification sounds. I took this as a starting point to research what these sounds are really made of. To discover their hidden texture, I slowed them down. This is a fragment of the Discord notification slowed down. (Taken from 'frustration experiment 7')

More experiments I did for this theme:

WhatsApp slowed down

WhatsApp slowed down even further

Discord slowed down slightly

Discord slowed down more (the hidden resonance is starting to come out)

Discord slowed down even more

Discord slowed down even more than that

Discord slowed down a ridiculous amount

I did not expect the hidden texture in these sounds to be so out of tune, since the normal version sounds perfectly in tune. I also didn't expect them to be so textured, since the originals sound so smooth. These experiments were very fun to do!