Hacking My Own Identity

For this assignment, we had to think of a hack. What is hacken and how can we use it?

What I thought of hacking was my name. I was born with two different names - Marian and Yang. Marian was given to me by an english speaking nun when I was born. Yang is my Mandarin name.

I thought about how we associate names with our identity and how other perceive and make assumptions. For many years, it has always been confusing for westerners to accept my english speaking name as my name. It made more sense for them to match my face with a Mandarin name or they often question why I wanted to give myself a random english name and not use my 'real' name.

To wrap this up after Corona happened, I made a video of my mouth speaking in two different languages - English and Mandarin. I repeated the same phrases in both languages. The zoom in of my mouth is to avoid immediate assumption of where I am from.

The project was meant to have three different films playing in the same moment at three different places in a room.

Video 1: Introduction of myself in English

Video 2: Introduction of myself in Mandarin.

Video 3: Introduction of myself in different names in English. (Full body shots).

*** This project is a work in progress ***