I am here to say

This project started out as an exploration of reasons we touch our faces. As it evolved, I realized that the gesture of touching our faces is a gesture of self-protection. We often touch our face when we are in thoughts, doubts, and stress. More often we use our hands to prevent objects from harming us. Using our body language as a form of resistance is heavily embedded in our nature.  Human postures can speak a lot without words. The idea of such led me to question --- what are my fears? what are the challenges that truly pulls me back as an artist? what is my resistance?

Being an artist is to tear myself open --- for everyone to see and for everyone to judge. I thought of the portrait line drawings that I do. While drawing a person's face, I am following every curve, looking at the strands of hair gently laying on their faces, and observing the details on their skin --- art for me, is the most intimate interaction. The process of making a piece of work is to combine our past, present and future. We pull out everything that we have experienced and try to dissect, analyse, and understand. The question is, how far can we go within ourselves and still stay grounded? how much can we hide and still be sincere?

I view the voice presented as words as a way for the audience to interact with the film.