I enjoy your labor

I am trying to point out the inequality between first and third world and the weirdness of the role the western world takes on. The fact that we offer 'help' but often are the reason these people need our help. Now more than ever with all the BLM protest i feel that activism you cant say 'this is good activism' and that was 'bad kapitalism' for example. things have so many layers /points of view. reality is more nuanced.  

I want to put myself in a role of unknowing westerner. Where I am so happy with my clothing and want to thank them for their hard labor. By making fabrics for them were i try to communicate back. Just like these workers communicate to us trough clothing labels. trying to show the wry reality we live in.

Here are some examples of clothes with patterns I made.

And these are the patterns or images used for the pattern

I tried to make the fabric myself