Idea for activism theme

Who is the mystery ‘iPhone Girl’?
Pictures of an Asian factory worker found on a new iPhone sold to a British customer have generated keen discussion on the Internet about her identity — and her fate.

This whole week I've been thinking about activism. I started with the idea that this would be easy because I can easily list 10 things for which I would do an act of activism. But the longer I thought about it the more pointless it became. What would I change? And what problem should I start with. After watching too many documentaries for 1 week and waves of YouTube content, I thought about a moment when I was cooking last Christmas and was listening to my radio. I heard on the news that a girl had bought a Christmas card that already had a text in it, written by Chinese inmates who were oppressed and probably packed the cards.

More such cries for help and activism occur. Like for example in Zara's clothes where people wrote texts like “you will pay for these clothes but i dont get payed anything”. The Christmas card was found by a 6-year-old girl who went to her mother and said with a laugh: "look mom this card is already been written on". It is poignant, because she did not realize what the text said and the urgency of the writer. It reminded me of a message in a bottle, or the helium balloons you used to release? to see where it would end up and who would respond to it.
Although they are different then these cries for help that hopefully reach the right person if someone would find them at all.

Anyway, the way of communication interests me most. These people have no contact with the outside world and try it this way. But I as a finder am addressed personally and what can I do?

It also reminded me of the emails you sometimes get from the King of Nigeria who specially chose you to send an email to and if you might want to help him by donating 5000 dollar.

The big difference between handwritten letters and emails is interesting.

The third interesting and harrowing thing about these emergency calls was the fact that these notes end up with the people who actually cause the problem. And are also asked for help.
They ask us for help, but what can we actually do? It is wry and desperate. Its interesting that you feel adresses but are usually also not the person who can solve the problem. Or can you?

Continuing this, I came up with the idea to give something back to the people in, for example, the Turkisch factories that make the clothes for Zara. I type this with my Zara jacket on. I make patterns for clothes that I want to make for myself. And on those patterns I write encouraging texts for the makers of my clothes. Something like "Hold on, you'll get there." That's how I do something for them. Maybe it will help them and this is the least I can do…

I wanted to do something cheerful. Slightly uplifting. Something bitter. Say something about people. How silly this is. How does this ever help. Something that makes people think. Slightly ironic. Something that describes the division of roles between 1st and 3rd world countries.