Research - Resistance - Impact of uniforms on the everyday fashion

Withing my research on uniforms I was interested in how the obligated uniforms like school uniforms, militairy uniforms and prison uniforms got turned into fashion. Here you can have a small peak at that part of my research.

School uniforms.

From the obligated uniforms of local school to Japanese subculture. Here a look at how the school uniform transcended into fashion.

It started when Vivianne Westwood in the 70's made a collection turning the pleaded skirt into punk. From there in the 90's the plead skirt was big in the grunge scene. Courtney Love was a big fan and since she was the opposite from a catholic schoolgirl she made the style compelling. The preppy school girl style was at the same time making a statement thanks to Cher in "Clueless" and Rachel in "Friends". Since they were fashion conscience characters they made the school skirt look cool. Especially since it was a link to youth and innocence and they were "old" enough to pull that off.

Then Britney broke the internet with the most iconic schoolgirl outfit in history. "Oops, I did it again" changed the way a school uniform was supposed to be innocent.

Now the uniform and mostly the skirt is still big and worn in all the different ways, sexy, innocent, preppy, grunge, etc.

In Japan culture, known as (Kogyaru), involves schoolgirls wearing an outfit based on Japanese school uniforms, but with very short skirts.

Militairy uniforms.

"Uniforms can be used and have been used throughout history to give people power and to take power away from people" - Emma McClendon

The influence of militairy suit is spread into streetwear. Camouflage print, chuncky boots, big pants with pockets, military hats and the jackets in all the different shades of green something you see on the streets.

The army reflects power, unity and strenght. Wearing the clothes connected to that, you might feel powerful and strong as well.