Inside out

Exebition: Ouside in

Exhibition created by Manali & Puck.

When making our exhibition we wanted to keep it simple and opted for a widely used platform to exhibit the works we collected i.e. Instagram.

Inside Out is an exhibition which takes a look at the outside world during our quarantined world using interesting visuals and mediums.

Visit the exhibition here.


The logo was based on the basic ouside image we had, the green(grass). I tryed to keep it simple give a clear image off the green(nature) to symblolise a system that never ends by using a round pipe and conecting it back to the end, it has its own eco system. But it is not alone it is chained to the outside world where we life the human race and all its technolgoie that comes with it. it touches in the dark chained to the human race reality. what is the meaning of being outside. which means to perceive things in this world, reality has become illusion.

[Het tast in het duister geketend aan het mensenras realiteit. wat is de betekenis nog van buiten zijn. wat betekend nou dingen waarnemen in deze wereld, werkelijkheid is schijn geworden.]

We wanted to give the page a similar look of a gallery or a museum. So for each post I put the photos or videos against a 500 x 500 px square that was the same color as the actual page so it looked like the media was actually on a uniform wall.