insp/ref some ideas about activism

The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal is an experimental documentary where grafitti removing, the act of painting grafitti by painting over it, is introduced as subconscious art, product of artistic merit that was created without conscious artistic intentions.

This artworks are created "accidentally" by goverment workers. I consider this artworks political in way. The motivation to create this pieces is the rejection and represion of other pieces which are categorized as a crime, but this isnt, why isnt this destrcution or damage of the public property? Because it was done by a goverment worker instead of by a regular citizen?

I really enjoy this art movement so i was wondering if i could link it to activism in a way, is not super clear for me yet how to, but i would like exploring this, i feel there is some tension between the goverment and the volk here, and i would like to research other forms of accidental art created by the goverment, or other groups of power maybe.

Also this artworks are a result of a collaboration between the people and the goverment.

its like the art of censorship idk i think its nice also theres funny artistic choices

but i dont want to stick to grafitti removal i like the ideas behind it and the documentary but is just some reference i would like to use as starting point maybe idk