This semester I've been mostly working on research and films. I shifted my focus to develop more in-depth questions I wanted to ask myself.  

It has been really tough. I've came to realize some things that I didn't really want to realize. I kept revisiting the past and it simultaneously made me feel safe and really sad. I missed my friends and my street. I felt so confined in my own mind and in my environment. Actually, I struggled my whole way through. Writing this post I tried to find a time when I felt uplifted but there were actually none. Maybe in my sleep but I was asleep. I always have the tendency to show that I am doing well but at this point, I'm even too fatigue to turn this around.

My interest has always been on film/visuals, installations, and soundscapes. I am heavily inspired by work that are done in the 20s, 30s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, early 2000s (click to see some of my inspirations). I feel that I was able to explore this more thoroughly. The programmes that I've been learning are: Unity, Ableton, html/css/javascript, openframework, touchdesigner, maxmsp and Blender. I am most proud of my progress on Ableton (I've been wanting to learn it for a long time) also finally getting a grasp on the coding language. Yet, I feel that I have learnt so little. Also I'm really happy that I got to discover artists such as Bas Jan Ader and find companionships through books.

In moments, I don't know what art is anymore and I spent a lot of time desperately looking for her. In moments, I don't know why I am asking these questions and doing these research and I spent a lot of time desperately looking for an answer. At this temporary end, I only found The Isley Brothers.

It's time for a short break.

This is what I would like to show:

Idea I: Cut an eight minute film with no voice over.

External Project (film)-Visual Art For The Blind/Deaf-Blind/Visually Impaired

Finally There Is Silence (film) - Solitude

You Have Arrived (film) - Activism

Hacking My Own Identity (film) - Design by Methodology before Corona

Extracurricular - Alone Together (film)

I Am Here To Stay (film) - Resistance

Soundscape cuts:
With Ian - Solitude | Black Frame after Activism film

Idea II: Voiceover explanation for projects more in work in progress

Curse Guid To Reservoir Dogs - Information Design before Corona

External Project (website) - Visual Art For The Blind/Deaf-Blind/Visually Impaired

Very Much Human - Activism Idea/Research

Please Touch My Face (performative photography) - Resistance

I Am Here To Stay (film) - Resistance  (show film)

With Ian - Solitude | Black Frame at end