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At the start of the quarantaine i tought it would only last like two weeks and i was really fine with that, but when it started to last more than a month it stared to become harder. I didnt really like the zoom classes that much and found it difficult to be engaged with the school program and would get stuck on not making anything but all the time feeling like i have to do things. I used this time as an apportunity to focus mostly on making music and just messing around and do things i like, but when i would be doing this i would also get stressed because i wasn't working for school. Until i realized i dont really have to make that distinction of doing things i like and doing things for school. when i stopped making that distinction and would approach school more freely i would stop to feel bad about it and i had fun making things.

the projects i want to show mostly aren't related to the week themes because i found it easier to find motivation in other things projects i initiated myself during this weeks so eventually i chose to just make those things and have fun with it instead of being stuck and frustrated about the studyprogram and i think even if i didnt engage that much with the study program all the time i still found a way to work on things and develop myself over this semester and i hope this will be visible by the following projects:

This is a selection of things i have been working on past weeks that i would like to show:

spore super monster
sketches i made for digital art where im exploring possibilities of the creature creator in the game spore. this is a collage of multiple in game recordings : the game spore is about creating your own species and going trough stages of evolution form the ‘call phase’ to eventually space travel. in…

In  Jan Roberts class where we were exploring games as an artistic medium. i was researching one of my favourite games Spore in wich you can build your own animal species and go trough stages of evolution troughout the game (and the game has a cool soundtrack by brian eno). because the game is about evolution i was thinking about taking the evolution further by bringing the spore creatures into the real world (i   found out how to extract 3dfiles of creatures u built from the game). and i was exploring the creature creator from to game and aproach it as kindof a sulpting tool.

This is something i was working on before quaraintaine but never continued working on it. Still im happy with the sketches and research i did and i would like to expand on this idea at some point.

kikker vriendjes
this is a screen recording of a little game i made for desing by code: and this is the soundtrack i made for the game:

i spent the first week of qurantaine on thisproject for a re do for brams class. i wanted to create some kind of virtual world/game that i could easily expand on. it turned out to be somekind of multiplayer virtual pets thing. for me this project doesnt feel that devolpped also but still i liked it and is maybe one of my favourite things i did thats really code based. mostly i liked about the process that i found a way to have a somewhat technical asignment but also be expressive and intuitive with it as often i find it hard to combine those things.

een kuil is een igloo op de kop (zine)
this is a project i did for Luis asignment to make a diy zine without using comercial software (wich i like because i really like working with opensource drawing and image editing software already) i really liked the intuitive process on making this. i stared by looking trough my sketchb…

this is a project i did for Luis asignment to make a zine without using comercial software (wich i like because i really like working with opensource drawing and image editing software  Ireally liked the intuitive process on making this. i stared by looking trough my sketchbook and sketches and ideas i have on my laptop and started putting them together and adding things. the title een kuil is een igloo op de kop (a hole is an igloo upside down) is a phrase i once said as a kid. i like how simple and childish but also true it is and this way of thinking i used as inspirations for the whole zine. the magazine includes a tutorial on how to make a ingloo by inverting a hole, some drawing and ideas, games and puzzles. i designed the zine be cheap to produce, i printed it black and white on normal a4 and also added sticker sheets to the printed version and handed them out during the zineswap we did last week at sonsbeek.

this might be my favourite project from the last few weeks, i explored a medium i never used before and i really like this way of presenting simple ideas and sketches all together as one project.

The Anthem Pt.3 (hiphop/electronic mixtape/album)
i spent the first weeks of the quarantaine finishing an album i was working on. im really happy with how it truned out some tracks are instrumental and some are with vocals from friends also used my own voice on some for the first time in my music but still i like more to work together with other…

when quaraintaine stared i used the time as an opurtunity to focus more on music projects i was working on and i finished this album that i wanted to make for sometime. its a collection of instrumental tracks i made over the time of some weeks and worked together with friends on some tracks and asked them to do vocals or produce music together. also i tried sining/rapping/using my own voice for the first time but am still not that sure about it so i mostly hide my voice with effects and find it hard to make lyrics. for the music on this project i was mostly inspired on hyperpop and decunstructed club music like artists from PCmusic label  and also hiphop and trap like bladee, yubg lean. i really like i had time to made this more focussed and worked out music project.

return to the aquarium (dj set)
documentation of a dj set i did for an online party by even tough this is not something i did for a school assignment its a project ive worked on lately and like to share here.

when i was making the album (i mentioned above) i was also asked to make a set to play during a party in minecraft by artcollective Meloncomputer that i know via instagram and discord. i mixed and edited some older tracks and some tracks i was still working on together into a 40 minute mix and also made some simple visuals with it. i really liked doing this and it was nice seeing minecraft characters dance to my music. also i never made a set like this before with my own tracks and i liked kindof curating my own music , like thinking about what order and transitions work well for the music and then creating a cover / visual style for it.

thuis - 1 / ace xe 2231 (music + visuals)
something i made exploring a more ambient style of music and making a simple visualizer for the sounds i made layering different digtal drawings on top of eachother and animating them in premiere pro

i was expermenting with making ambeint music and making visuals for that in premiere pro and really liked this result. i made the video by layering digital drawing ontop of eachother and animating them. and the things i was trying here with the sounds inspired the following project:

thuis (soundscapes+visuals)
this is the final video for the ambient mix i made. i made the visuals by putting drawings and pictures together over the sound and making them flow into eachtother and change with the sound. but it felt too much like disconnected parts that didnt work well together so i started trying out to blur t…

for mikes class we were making soundscapes for all the weekly themes. the way i approached this was by thinking about how i relate to the themes and then maybe thinking about specific situations and emotions and then trying to make music fitting for that feeling. when i made some different soundscapes i found that they would fit together well with two tracks i made earlier ( ,  and decided to combine all of it into a bigger music project, wich is this 20minute ambient mix.

i liked about the process that i aproached making music in a different way i usually do. thinking first about what feeling i want to express and try to kindof come up with some image or feeling and try to represent elements of that as different sounds. and also i never made that much music before that is more based on the sounds and atmosphere and feeling than a more conventional song structre.

i also made visuals for the mix. first i started out by using digital drawing and pictures and videos that i felt that complimented the sounds and putted them on the music and made them kindof transition into eachother just like the different tracks ( these are some things i was trying) but eventually it became kinda messy and felt it was distracting from the sounds so i blurred things and made it more simple so it became more fitting with the sounds.

my most expensive artwork
maria and i were drawing at de blauwe golven but got arrested and fined this is now my most expensive artwork

one day during quarantaine i was hanging out with Maria and we got really bored and were kinda walking around at the Blauwe Golven (a parking space / artwork  across of my house) and ended up spray painting. it was in daylight and we were really careless and got arrested by the police end we ended up spending the whole day in cells at the police station. this never happened to us before so it was quite an experience( we were being questioned and got to call a lawyer and all that stuff). eventually i got fined 320 euros. as a way of dealing with this loss of money i consider this the price i paid for making this work wich makes this my most expensive work. also i made a digital edit of a picture i took of the painting i did.

In conclusion

What i think i got out of this semester is that i made a lot of music and developed with that wich is something i wouldnt have gotten to during a normal semester. but also learned about how to aproach making things in general. I feel i learned a bit to deal with the struggle i have of fitting things i like doing into the study program and appraoching things im doing outside of school in a similar way i would approach a school assignment, and also a bit the other way around i can aproach school assignments more like things i like doing. looking back im happy with the collection of things i made the last semester but also looking forward to taking a break from all of this and starting with a new semester after summer (hopefully at school) and seeing everyone again irl.