This semester was weird and challenging. It opened many conversations I needed to have with myself about my work, learning experience and goals. I managed to move houses, live one moth at my friends' couches and even find a job (in Russia though). Here I want to structure what I have made through these crazy weeks and how the chaos and stress informed my projects.

  1. Solitude, Escapism, Frustration, Resistance, Activism | Soundscapes
  2. Solitude, Escapism, Frustration, Resistance, Activism | Come sit inside my head
  3. Frustration | Room-pong
  4. Resistance | Nocturnal Web
  5. Activism | Disappear!
  6. Sound Design | Roll the dice


//First "project" is combined of 5 posts about process of creating the soundscapes and sometimes the posts are overlapped with creating posters for the soundscapes.

Second project is combined of 5 posts about creation of visuals (some overlapped) and a finalised post about the website and Unity. //

All of the process posts I made are quite descriptive,  I have left all the links in the table of contents, so I will keep it more or less short throughout this post. Also, in my essay for Marijke, the context and narrative of the weeks is discussed in details!

All of the soundscapes were created differently, but I mostly tried out basic Audition features with sounds I recorded myself( Solitude, Escapism, Resistance) or used alternative tools like Love2D (Frustration) or p5.js (Activism). Activism is the only week where I generated sound which has made me think about how I visualise sounds purely through association.


Come sit inside my head
On that note, my second project also covers all the themes and consists of short moving posters, based on my inner association with my soundscapes. I tried to completely separate my visuals from how I created soundscapes and the themes and purely base them on my sensations. This idea transferred to creating rooms in Unity with textured walls that have my posters projected on them and a chair.

That's why this project is called ' Come sit inside my head', I enjoyed letting myself go and just creating something extremely specific and self-exploratory.

!!Only use Firefox!!


This project was a really nice learning experience of working with Love2D and Lua and generally visualising soundscape creation.

--unfortunately, I only created a zipped version for Mac--


Nocturnal Web