Quaratine may have a bad reputation but I wanted to use it for my advantage. So following the ups and downs of this journey I started self-learning things I've always wanted to do. I spent my days learning a lot of different softwares like TouchDesigner, Ableton Live and recently Unity as well. I think out of all these softwares TouchDesigner was my favourite because of the immediate visual results that you could see. I also indulged in a bit of article writing on my journey with design and art as writing is a hobby of mine. Towards the end of this academic year I have also gotten into curating after I read the book "A Brief History of Curating" by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

As for the themed projects I experiemented with generated visuals, sound, photography and 3D/online spaces.


Resistance | Please Move...  

Activism | Open Identity

Solitude | Alone

Inside Out Exhibition | (Extracurricular)

RE(TITLE) | (Extracurricular)

Writing Articles | (Extracurricular)                        

To Move or To Not Move? | Resistance

A lot of us when thinking, move or fidget. Fidgeting increases levels of neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine which help in controlling focus and attention. Many people use subtle fidgeting to fight boredom and increase productivity.

In other words fidgeting is when the brain is resisting boredom. I wanted to portray this resistance of boredom by the brain through the movement of my body.

Process Post Here

Final Result

Open Identity | Activism

I was inspired by the work History in Chroma Key by Helmut Smits, Craftivism and the internet trolls.

The Chroma Key Green/Green Screen green allows us to overlaps videos/photos on other videos/photos. For me using this green on someone symbolizes the freedom of identity, how you could be whoever you want to be.

I gave a green screen mask to a few individual and asked them to click pictures of them wearing it. The briefing given to them was quite simple; Be you as a statue. If you were a statue what would your story be?

Playing with symbolism, I wanted the subject of the photo to wear a green ski mask so that the 'who' isn't so important anymore. I wanted to create a space to imagine and create a feeling of openness.

Final Photographs Here

Alone | Solitude

Comfortable Solitude is one of the best solitudes. I created a virtual 3D space to embody this solitude in an eerie zen way.

Placing a sphere in the center of the map surrounded by water creating an island like dynamic. The only thing you can hear is the water surrounding you and your footsteps reminding you "Yes, you are alone here." As you go closer to the sphere a distant sound is heard creating an eerie feeling.

Result Here

Process Post Here

Inside Out Exhibition | Extracurricular

When making our exhibition we wanted to keep it simple and opted for a widely used platform to exhibit the works we collected i.e. Instagram.

Inside Out is an exhibition which takes a look at the outside world during our quarantined world using interesting visuals and mediums.

Visit Exhibition Here

Explaination Post Here

RE(TITLE) | Extracurricular

This was a group project which included Boudewijn, Me (Manali), Yang and Puck.

Our task was to create an umbrella exhibition which nicely embedded other micro-exhibitions made by others.

Explaination Post Here

Visit the site Here.

Writing Articles | Extracurricular

Writing is a hobby of mine and so in quarantine I started writing again. This time I actually had something to write about. I wanted to write about my journey with design and art.

Read the articles here.