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what did you do today?

During the first two months of corona it was hard for me to engage with the new curriculum. I attended most of the classes and talks with teachers, and i did produce something for every week. Still i wasn't satisfied or motivated, i couldn't approach the study in a good or productive way.

Extracurricular projects/work became part of the conversation with some teachers in the last month. We just finished with the last theme and had some time for finalizing the projects. I was bored by the weekly themed projects i had, i didn't wanna work on them, i felt i would get stuck if i did. I decided to use this time left to just continue not really working on school projects, and instead just making anything i would normally do but bringing it in, resulting in a collection of small works in which i worked for a day or two.

chapter index

I divided part of my collection in chapters based on where the impulse of making came from, still most of the projects overlap when coming to motivation or intention and could be included in multiple chapters:

Second life???, these projects started by getting or finding something: Ghosting, De Stuwende Kracht van de Liefde, Excel, TVable, Trash Art, Pripyat, Shark teeth, Bootleg Objects, Mirrors.

Intervention gap, here i saw the opportunity for intervention in elements such as objects, places, plants, peoples hair, etc.: Bcakgroujd, Customized Tabaco Bag, Ornament Painting, Plant Sculpture, Hair Art,  Dead Kikker.

Splendid, because i found something funny: Gratis, A gift for the Police, I Created a Burger, Trash Wall, Creative Writing, Missing Coffee, Sorry.


i found this canvas in the trash, it was broken but i still liked it so i took it home i actually really like the shape of the gash, so i was thinking of underlining it or highlighting it in some way, with paint or ink or maybe tape, but then i thought of sewing it back together i was just doing …

I found a canvas in the trash which i like, so i took it. It had an interesting gash, so i decided to fix it in a way that would enhance it at the same time.

De Stuwende Kracht van de Liefde

de stuwende kracht van de liefde
i got this book for free in the street, was in a collection with other books about spirituality and that stuff, and i think this one was about love or something. It looked nice and was kinda small and appealing so i just took it. I tried reading it but it is in dutch, so i dont really get it but t…

I found this book in a box with other free books outside a house. The book is in dutch, but i still tried reading it. By doing this i thought, im "reading", by the strict definition of the word, but i'm probably reading something different that what it actually is, so i could write my own version of it.


yesterday in my street someone was giving free books n stuff and i got this so i thought i could do excel art, you can write scripts n that stuff so i did a simple exercise i will go deeper in excel probably and make something maybe a puzzle or whatever idk yet

I found this book in another box with free stuff, i checked it and tried making Excel art.


i made a table with a broken tv i found in the trash and 2 beer crates, most of the times i work/chill on the floor so i ended up using it more that my other table

I found a nice TV in the trash, so i took it home, sadly it didnt work. We thought of opening it and fixing it, but it blew one of my house fuses. I felt it was sad getting rid of it, it looks nice, so i kept it in my room for some time, and one day i thought of using it as a table.

Trash Art

trash art
well i like trash, so this is trash i “turned” into art

Packages dont just stop looking appealing when you empty their inside. When i like a package i keep it, maybe i paint on it, sometimes i paste it somewhere, it can be anywhere, like to my laptop or someones wall. When i do this in the walls of my room, i see this packages next to other pasted elements, so the idea of combining them comes naturally through time.


i wanted to make stuffed animals, some weeks ago i got a sewing machine from Marieke so i bought a piece of fabric and made some sketches. I wanted to make some sort of abstract shape that i could just cut two times (one piece mirrored) sew together and fill. And maybe i would give it anime eyes. t…

Pripyat is a stuffed animal i made when i got a sewing machine from Marieke, and for documenting it i ended up making some videos.

Shark teeth

Shark teeth
at the beginning of the quarantine i started making this thingy idk what it is yet i guess jewelry of some kind or something this weekend i got an old nokia phone from jochem, so i used it for making a video of this object this is the video untouched and edited

This project started in the beginning of the quarantine, i wanted to make a piece of jewelry or a wearable sculpture with beads. I was making this but at some point i got bored and stoped. Last week i got an old nokia from Jochem, which had a camera, i really liked this old camera so i wanted to use it for making a video. I never finished this jewelry object but i still kinda liked it, so i decided to record it with this phone and document it by making something new instead of just showing it.

Bootleg Objects

bootleg objects
i used to paint with oil paints in carton cardboard just bc as a sketch kinda fast paintings instead of painting in a canvas, i got some acrylic paints from jochem and i thought of making a painting so i took a pizza box to use as canvas. Idk what i wanted to paint i so i thought i could start paint…

Jochem gave me acrylic paints, i used to paint in the back of cardboard packages. This time i thought of painting over the package's front, and then directly on products or objects.


For Luis class we got the assignment of making a zine, after corona this was an optional assignment which i dint work on, but then i got the news that there was gonna be a zine swap party this week, so i wanted to participate and make something i could exchange/give away. I had some pieces from a b…

I got a mirror from Quintie, and Francisco broke it before i took it home. I kept the biggest pieces. I wanted to make something to share at Luis's zine swap, so i made drawings in some of the pieces and gave them away.


my phone screen its kinda broken, but i actually like it sometimes because its nice to look at the screen when its off, anyways i thought of taking a pic of it and making a custom background

My phone's screen is broken, so i thought i could celebrate it by making a custom background for it.

Customized Tabaco Bag

customized tabaco bag
i noticed tabaco bags are customizable

I observed the package of tabaco bags are actually printed paper covered by a transparent plastic instead of one only printed plastic layer, so i could open it and replace it.

Ornament Painting

ornament painting
i have this ornament in the ceiling of my room when they emailed us we were not able to go back to school anymore i got a beamer for the quarantine, now theyre asking me to return it so before doing that i thought of making some sort of projection mapping on this ornament, so i just opened paint a…

I projected on a big ornament in the ceiling of my room with a beamer, and used to paint over it.

Plant Sculpture

plant sculpture
i notice my youngest plant was growing rapidly and suddenly was a bit tilted, i thought shes just trying to get as much light as posible so its growing towards the sun, so i started putting the pot in different positions to shape the path of her grow update: i want to make an S shape kinda but let…

I saw the growth path of this plant changed drastically based on its position towards the sun, so i started moving it around to shape it.

Hair Art

i like cutting hair, sometimes i cut others peoples hairs, i know how to cut hair decently and aiming for neutrality and standard haircuts like when Francisco asks me to cut his hair, but i prefer being more experimental/ fun. I consider this my best work, for Xiaoyuan, this was some weeks before qu…

I never really went to the hair dresser, my mom used to cut my hair and at a very young age i started doing it myself, after which i started doing it more and more often, sometimes i would end up having weird or bad haircuts. Through my experience and enjoyment i started cutting other peoples hair, and thinking of new ways of doing it.


jochem and i made a painting each, when the police saw it, they invited us to dinner and asked for an autograph

jochem and i made a painting each, when the police saw it, they invited us to dinner and asked for an autograph

A gift for the Police

plant gift
Two months ago a friend and his housemates cleaned the shared garden they have. This included the removing of weeds and bushes. cleaning the gardenApparently one of the “removed” plants was Reynoutria japonica aka Japanese knotweed, classified as a pest and invasive species. It grows rapidly and it…

I dont like cops. Getting to know the existence and attributes of this plant made me consider it a perfect gift for them.

I Created a Burger

i created a burger
i was making a pancake

I was making pancakes and tried putting grenadine syrup in the last one. It turned out being a gross paste that looked like meat. This is the first extracurricular post i made. By posting this i shifted my way of relating to the website and content of my posts.

Trash Wall

trash wall
in the beginning of the first semester, as a joke, we started to paste trash to a wall in school with a sign of pls dont touch this artwork for the first weeks maybe we continued adding stuff there, waiting to see how long it would stay Christmas was coming and we thought the artwork would be rem…

Small experiment that took place in the corridors of fashion department in rietveld building artez (2019-2020)

Creative Writing

creative writing
Its a thing people from Interaction Design shit on Creative Writing people. Jochem and I searched creative writing in google images, we printed some of the images found, and pasted them around their work space they had the image on top already (also flipped, omg text its being showed in such a cre…

practical joke on creative writing

Missing Coffee

defect coffee machine
we (Jochem and i) NEVER stopped being concerned about the disappearance of the coffee machine in the closest Albert Heijn to school under the automatic paying kassas? idk how you called them, they have a especial space for putting ads, we took measures of it and printed this posters for putting the…

poster design and placement for the coffee machine that disappeared in appie...


ok so i tried putting an html page as a tag but is too long so i still putted it but in pieces lol and its terrible bc the tags get ordered alphabetically but whatever now its a puzzle ;)

The whatssap group of dat2 interaction design started plotting against the tag panel. We were brainstorming and i said of doing a website in html and put it in a tag (i wasnt expecting it to work inside the tag, you would have to copy it and make your own html file), but francisco said it was a waste of time :(

there is a limit of characters per tag so i had to divide the code, which got sorted alphabetically :( still you could try putting it together but i dont expect anyone to do it

i embed the code here

francisco said this was a waste of time

the website consists of a button that if you click, opens your email program and automatic fills in my email address  so you can send me an email telling me this is not a waste of time