For Luis class we got the assignment of making a zine, after corona this was an optional assignment which i dint work on, but then i got the news that there was gonna be a zine swap party this week, so i wanted to participate and make something i could exchange/give away.

I had some pieces from a broken mirror so i decided to make drawings in them.

also i thought it would be a bit funny if someone would accidentally cut (it didnt happen) but better than that it was a sunny day so when some people looked at them they got blinded by looking straight at the reflection of the sun

Berend made this pic of the mirror in his wall

it was kinda awkward to document/ take pictures of the mirrors because i dint wanna show my phone taking the picture but just the drawing. I had to go to school for a meeting so i tried scanning them, i thought could be nice if the mirror reflects the light of the scan so i was curious but actually you dont see any light beams or light gradients just looks pretty flat, but its kinda good for seeing the drawing. These are the scans